“Schools function as sites for direct experiences of civic authority relations. It is at the schoolhouse that most individuals have their first, formative experiences of how public institutions and authorities govern” (Bruch and Soss 2016)

For the 2018-2019 year, I am serving as a Searle Graduate Teaching Fellow and leading the Political Science Teaching Committee, which organizes pedagogical discussions, the new TA mentorship program, and peer teaching observations.  I have also led cross-disciplinary workshops on Lesson Planning around Learning Objectives, Inclusive Teaching, and Small Group Work. I was honored to receive the Minar Prize for Teaching Excellence by a Graduate Student in Political Science Department and was nominated for the Weinberg College Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher Award. During my time at Northwestern, I have served as a Teaching Assistant for the classes below.


Civil Wars and Violence                                                                                  Spring 2019


Environmental Policy                                                                                         Fall 2017

  • Instructor: Kimberly R. Marion Suiseeya

Middle East Politics                                                                   Spring 2016, Winter 2017

  • Instructor: Wendy Pearlman; (Head T.A 2017)

US Foreign Policy                                                                                                   Fall 2016

  • Instructor: Daniel Krcmaric
  • Guest Lecture: Humanitarian Intervention

Social Movements                                                                                           Spring 2015

  • Instructor: Wendy Pearlman

Comparative Political Economy of Development                                       Winter 2015

  • Instructor: Jordan Gans-Morse

Introduction to Comparative Politics                          Fall 2014; Fall 2015; Winter 2016

  • Instructors: Jason Seawright, Will Reno (Head T.A.), Andrew Roberts